Incantesimi per oggetti spigolosi #1


Site-specific installation – Villa Soragna, Collecchio (PR), IT

Wooden cases, Ettore Guatelli museum’s objects, plastic sheets

Variables Dimensions

In collaboration with Matteo Sclafani

The series “Enchantments for Sharp Objects” came from a collaboration with Matteo Sclafani during the residency Guatelli contemporaneo at Ettore Guatelli museum in Ozzano Taro (PR).

In #1 we worked on the relationship between people and objects within museums and their deterioration over time. The installation involves the construction of anti-display case in which to insert some objects of the Ettore Guatelli museum. Objects are never really safe, the viewer’s look is diverted by a patina that does not allow to touch them or to completely understand them.