Incantesimi per oggetti spigolosi #2


Site-specific installation – Villa Soragna, Collecchio (PR), IT

Caffe cans, plastic strings

Variables Dimensions

In collaboration with Matteo Sclafani

The series “Enchantments for Sharp Objects” came from a collaboration with Matteo Sclafani during the residency Guatelli contemporaneo at Ettore Guatelli museum in Ozzano Taro (PR).

The installation #2 is about how people and everyday life objects influence each other. The installation is made by 336 coffee cans hanging on the ceiling. The public is invited to cross the space, entering into a physical relationship with the objects, modifying their position and the shape of the installation itself. The spectators, after opening new paths inside the forest of objects, leave behind them the tinkling of their passage.