Notizie sulle morti da caduta


Charred trees, soil and illuminated texts (wood and funfair bulbs)

Site-specific Installation for C.AR.M.E.

“News on deaths by fall”, a title borrowed from the Swiss geologist Albert Heim, refers to the first study (Notizen über den Tod durch Absturz – 1892), on NDE (Near Death Experience). Heim, in about ten years of activity, collected numerous testimonies on the subject, especially from climbers.

The study carried out spoke clearly: after intense mental activity, a state of acceptance and profound calm seems to take over, capable of leading to experiences that can be defined as transcendental.

The project concerns fear – and in particular the fear of death – as the main obstacle to our potential: both as individuals and as a community we can- not fully realize the process of individuation (as Jung called it) if we let fear overwhelm us.

The phrase “NON TEMERE” in Italian means “don’t be afraid”. The writing every fifteen minutes switched on for one minute. The church is filled with charred trees. The second room has a layer of earth that covers the floor. the “be present” sign is always switched on.