Sono qui per te


Illuminated text (stainless steel and funfair bulbs)

Permanent Site-specific Installation at Hotel Terme Belvedere – Abano Terme (PD)

The work was produced for the project “MACC Manifattura, Commercio e Cultura” financed by the Veneto Region with FSE funds and coordinated by the Ca ‘Foscari University Foundation, in collaboration with the Aquaehotels Consortium of Montegrotto.

Seven artists were invited to intervene within seven Thermal hotels of the complex of Abano Terme (PD). The project aimed at enhancing the thermal pools and the mud maturation process, through the language of contemporary art.

The piece involves the creation of a light installation with the text: Sono qui per te. It’s mean “I’m here for you” but also “ They are here for you”. In the Italian sentence, the subject is implied and it can be both singular and plural.

The text can be freely interpreted and can have different meanings depending on who reads it