The Gianpiero





The Gianpiero is the cover band of itself. The three members of the band (Giacomo, Titti and Nicola) are good friends and professional Youtuber. Every year they tell with passion, through viral videos, their travels and their adventures around the world. In summer 2015 they were in Chamonix for a challenging trek on Mont Blanc. Follow us on our Facebook page!

In this video-performance the figure of the Youtuber has been portrayed by exaggerating the traits. The pressing rhythm and the exasperating loop of the video immerses the viewer in the story of a journey of dubious chronology. The never silent voice of the protagonist-narrator is improvised in a continuous report that pretends to be faithful, but which often corresponds to the opposite of what is really happening: the arrival is thus transformed into the departure and the summit of Mont Blanc in the historical center of the village. Through the distorted relationship between the two temporal levels, the real one and the imaginary one – which could also be defined as a time of history and a time of the story – are intended to put into a critical light the modes of virtual narration that characterize the Contemporary era. The attempt is to make think about those deforming mechanisms that, suffered and acted by millions of young users, distort their contact with reality, making it distorted and free from critical issues.